Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Tropical Shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy down under in Brisbane. The shadowy world today appears in a sub-tropical exposure, sunny and hot. Although the teal water laps onto the shore, the heated solar orb above compels us to find any available shade to cool down - even though the lone chair has now moved out of the shade...

The time is 1986, the place is Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The always lovely Patti and I are not really sunbirds, and we seek shade under trees and umbrellas for protection sans SPF 45 sunblock. So the minimal shade provided by the tropical trees is welcoming.

The old print was scanned, and despite the not-so-optimal effects of age, the azure Bahamian cay, blue sky and shadows jump at us. Another visit someday...see shadows in any climate at the always fun Hey Harriet!


sarayutouched said...

warm, sandy, sun shadows...perfect shadow shot Sunday photo ralph!!

Ms. Becky said...

the waves are lapping at that chair! fun shadows for the week Ralph. I think the photo scanned beautifully, it has a vintage quality to it. happy SSS, and I hope you and Patti are having a wonderful weekend.

Patti said...

Ah, Paradise!

Someday we shall return. Even though I won't lie in the sun!

Sylvia K said...

Paradise it does look to be!! Lovely beach, beautiful water and trees and wonderful shadows! Such a delightful shadow shot for the day, Ralph. I bet it brings back some lovely memories as well! Enjoy your weekend!


EG Wow said...

What a beautiful place to vacation, Ralph. The photo scanned very well!

fredamans said...

Now that's where I want to be! Fantastic shot of a beautiful beach!

Anonymous said...

A very welcolm shadow shot ..... autumn seems to have arrived here while we were waiting for the summer. It has been very grey, wet and miserable, so now I shall just imagine sitting on the chair on the beach, and listerning to the waves lapping on the shore!!

chubskulit said...

Beautiful capture, I can almost hear the waves as it touches the sand on the shore.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ralph that is a beautiful shot .. it could be a terrific postcard !
I too seek shade and shadows ? LOL
For a gardener it is too ironic that I hate being out in the direct sunlight .. now how funny is that ?
Joy : )

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm ready for a little break from my desert outpost, and this cay looks like the perfect place!


If shadows could jump,
How high would they go?
As high as the moon?
Does anyone know?

If shadows could weep,
How long would they cry?
As long as it takes
To climb to the sky?

If shadows could laugh
And tell funny jokes
Would you take them home
And say, “Get this, folks!”?

If shadows could wed,
Would they prefer you
Or somebody else
To promise, “I do”?

© 2011 Magical Mystical Teacher

Shadows on this door and this

Dimple said...

Beautiful shot, Ralph! I tend to seek the shade, also, but you have proved that is where the best shots are found!

Sam said...

Wow! I too am not a sun worshipper - I actually go out of my way to stay well out of it! In summer I stay indoors until sunset! However, having said that, I can appreciate the beauty of this lovely scene. Gorgeous!

MyMaracas said...

Now that looks inviting. A beach to oneseif, a sunny day, blue sky and water, and a little shade when things get too warm. I feel better just looking at it.

bj said...

OOO, THIS is where I want to be. :))

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

With summer coming to a close...that paradise island is looking mighty fine Ralph!!
We are also loving that sepia scene below....what a great picture!!

Paula Scott said...

I admire the fact that you do faithfully scan your old photos-an example I should follow (but get distracted too much to remember). That is a very lovely spot that you and Patti found. As they say, "made in the shade".

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful place.

Regards and I wish you all the best Ralph

Gemma Wiseman said...

A very beautiful seascape enhan ced by the vintage quality of the photo! It seems to imply precious memories!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. It looks like the chair might be swept away at anytime now. LOL

Kelly said...

What a beautiful scene! - one I would also enjoy viewing from the shade of the trees. Lovely!

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Beautiful shot Ralph! I love the way you can see the movement of the water running back down the sand :)