Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Autumnal low tide

Sepia Scenes returns in a new season, the Summer now gone. In the warmer season, one might think more of a swim in Long Island Sound at low tide. 

Now, we stay on the walkway on the West Haven beach walkway. On a cloudy day, the water with a gray-brown color, not the preferred fair weather blue. So the antique setting allows for softer hues of both sand and water...

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - Colorful eatery

Tina graciously hosts the unique blog Tina's PicStory - every picture allows for 1,000 words. We merely need to capture the photo. The theme this week is Colors.

This is one of our favorite eateries, the Olympia Diner on the Berlin Turnpike (Routes 5 and 15) in Newington CT. Opened in 1952, this seems to be the last of the era of stainless-steel train car style diners. One of my favorite dishes is the corned beef hash - the best I've had anywhere.

The colors stand out especially in the neon sign - the bold red Olympia and the bright yellow Diner are combined with the green walls inside the restaurant. The fluted steel is a fine silver color and the building sits under a pale gray-blue evening sky. I think that I am able to comply with this theme...

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Waiter...please!

Ruby Tuesday arrives, and for Mary's fun meme, we today feature our erstwhile feline, Linus.

There are some my might advise that Linus has a caramel color, not ruby at all. I agree...however, the Yankee Candle offers a requisite red to the scene. As a lot or a little qualifies, we are now set. However Linus is a participant in the scene. Was customer Linus satisfied with the service? He is not saying...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Beyond Autumn

Shadow Shot Sunday, by Tracy in Brisbane, accents any season quite well...

Happily, in Oz and NZ, it is now Spring. It matters not in the climate is temperate or four-season, the end of Winter invigorates us, with new flora and longer days.

Of course, the change to Spring down under means that it is now Autumn in Southern New England - which has its charms especially early on. In fact, it is warm and humid today.

The choices for this SSS do not hint of Autumn. The end of Summer does not mean a cold snap now...

So I am not anticipating the blunt hammer of frozen precipitation. 

Yet for us, the snowy  winter was abnormal in accumulation - the latest winter season got old, and quickly with three snowy blizzards and a massive ice storm. We may not in a precursor to this yet. However, cooler temps and shorter days are now the rule. 

The elegant Patti captured these nice views of the morning-after-the third major snow of 27 January.

I have written before of the beauty of the newest snow and crisp, clean air. 

And shadows abound, as the storm front has departed last night and the long southerly sun leaves very pleasing effects from the trees to the houses to the vehicles.

It looks cold, and wheelchairs and snow make for an unholy mix. But on such a day, the shadows are celebrated. 

In fact, we were tired of the many snowy occasions - so the artistry of shadows were the sole redeeming factor of the weather...Not to worry about these sights, tomorrow it will be a rainy 74° (25°C).

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Reclaimed memories

Sepia Scenes arrives, and the monochrome meme brings me back a few generations to my youth...This old photo is one of the many prints that have been scanned. This actually is a quite faded color view of the homestead at 115 Wickham Drive in East Hartford, CT. I guess the time is around Christmastime 1965. I picked that date because:
  • As a color pic, Grandpa took it, and he and Grandma visited our families in the odd years (Aunt Terry's family the even years).
  • The trees that were planted when the sub-development was built in 1963 have not grown much
  • My guess as to the probable ages of my younger siblings: Vicki (age 6) and Christopher (16 months)

The quality of this color print is poor - replacing the faded hues with sepia is an improvement. The snowfall is nice, a white Christmas a rare event in these parts...See Mary's meme for more monochrome memory magic!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - Macro-Micro Canine

Pic Story is thoughtfully hosted by Tina, who has chosen the theme this week as Macro.

I have not actually used yet the macro function on the family Canon point-and-shoot camera. So this is a new thing for me to try, and I think that I have found the subject that is small enough to use the macro to allow the subject to grow a little more.

It is a neighbor, a large guy who is presenting his new pet, a Toy Chihuahua with the big dog name of Rocco. At a mere three pounds (1.5 kg), this is a small canine that poses nicely for the meme chaser (me :)

I was happy to try a macro edit...nice doggie! See more artistic themes at Tina's Goodies For a Pleasant Life!

Ruby Tuesday - Cart return

Ruby Tuesday arrives with the mere stipulation of a lot or a little of the favored color for Tuesday - to bold and attention getting red.

I had a photo shoot the other day at Lowes in Derby. Naturally, the prevalent color of that chain is blue, and lots of it. Yet, the parking lot has a twinge of the requisite color.

It is the cart return, where at least one consumer acceded to the simple request of the retailer, and thoughtfully returned the lumber cart to its rightful place of repose - until another customer needs to collect their purchase, thus recycling the balky six-wheel cart from its outdoor home away from home...

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy Seller

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of host Tracy down under in almost Spring in sunny Brisbane.

As we are aiming toward Autumn up here, the sun is still strong although cool weather is not far away, alas…

Yet, shadows arise from the current exposure of the southern sky. A shadowy photo revue was sought, and what would it be was what I looked for. Perhaps art.

Or, more likely, commerce.

I had the family point-and-shoot, and was traversing Route 34 in Derby and from the road, I saw shadows form a well known (in the US that is :), major big-box retailer.

This is of course the retail home improvement chain Lowes. I like perusing the aisles of this 153000 sq ft (14215 m²) behemoth. 

I don’t know why, but I have always liked shopping here way better than Home Depot…

This large box sits at a south-southwest exposure, and as our summer sun is now retreating in this direction, long shadows are emerging. 

And the signage on the fa├žade allows for an almost 3-D effect on the identifying areas - over the main entrance, the lumber pickup and garden center.

Serious gardeners may shun the big-box, but the suburban gardeners like us happily purchase bags of mulch and top soil only five minutes from home… 

An unobtrusive drive around the car park/parking lot let this clandestine shadow photo hunter seek more of same.

The tall fence sits on the perimeter of the aforementioned garden area, keeping the pallets of bagged manure and such off the customer’s vehicles (including those of shadow seekers).

The fence allows for a shadow that is expansive yet with the chain link leaving a fine shadowy mesh below. 

The final item here is the pedestrian look at the delivery forklift attached to the big delivery truck. In fact, this loaded truck passed by our house on Tuesday (I was tempted to say ‘lumbering by’, but thought the better of it). 

There is nothing particularly stylish in these views, but as per usual, the shadows are the stars…

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Ascending...

Sepia Scenes returns, and I know what I see here, but it contains an illusion, to me anyway. 

What we actually see is the rise of the steel arch on Cape Cod's Sagamore Bridge. This is the route US 6 entry to the famous vacation sandbar. 

I like the tall steel bridges like this and the Bayonne to New Jersey, where function offers its own style.

The illusion in this edit, I feel like I am in the lead car of a roller coaster rising to the top of the first drop on the other side - I am almost anticipating the rush of the wind as we accelerate fast down the track. I know what it is, yet like the alternate feeling it provides. Even the light fixture is like the sign that says Keep Hands Inside Car...we could almost be ridingThe Cyclone?

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - Yellow heavens

Tina provides us this week's creative and fun Pic Story theme, and that theme is the color yellow.

My submittal was taken by the always lovely and elegant Patti. The event was a wedding reception for Patti's cousin a few years ago. This is on the outdoor deck at a venue alongside New Haven Harbor. The sky was stormy around the water, but the clouds had moved on. The setting sun left a golden yellow hue that also reflected onto the harbor. A soft looking sky in a soft tone...

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Treading water

Actually, their feet are touching bottom...

Ruby Tuesday takes me back to the summer of 2005, and Allegra and Cameron at Kalmus Beach in Hyannis. The rubies are subtle on this remarkable day of blue sky and salt water. Subtle reds include the floats that hold the do-not-exceed line marker, bathing suit and cheeks and the almost-ruby orange boat crane. A lot or a little, ruby is the theme and I am happy to comply...

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Learning anew

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives in a new school year, the children of all ages and grades. The smaller they are, the more to learn as they grow. 

I am returning to the old days of film prints (1997), and new school year shadows, too. The place Ansonia Uplands, awaiting the school bus to take the kids to Mead School. This foursome includes Allegra (left) now in fourth grade and Cameron (third from left) in second. 

I know they are big now, but they seem to be in happy anticipation for school to start...See scads of serious, silly or studious shadows at the always fun Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Derby Neck

Sepia Scenes arrives, brings me back to the classic past. The look of the past often gives us a range of classic architecture, different from modern and easy to build structures. New is not necessarily bad, but glass and steel seems to lack character.

The subject in question is in neighboring small town Derby CT, population 13,000. This is the beautiful Derby Neck Library, and the original structure completed in 1907. I chose this shot as the modern clutter of utility poles, wires and autos are lacking – the sepia takes back in time with this monochrome edit.

Wilbur Osborne was the industrialist that created the original library in a school in 1897, Andrew Carnegie funded the new building. It is in a Classical Revival Style. It is stunning place of learning…

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pic Story - Winter wood

Tina has provided the fun meme Pic Story. The idea, as always, goes back to that old saying that One picture is worth a 1000 words. The theme for this week is Wood. 

My submittal goes back to the unusually snowy winter we 'enjoyed' in this last season, the day 27-December 2010, the view being outside our front door the morning after the storm. Granted, the snow accumulation (15 in/38 cm) is so pure here, a sheet of frozen precipitation that looks beautiful under the blue sky despite very windy and cold conditions.

The wheelchair railing is where some of the wood sits. The dark stain actually highlights the grain of the wood, as it stands out against the snowy blanket that covers the ground...Naturally, the bare trees define 'wood' quite well, too.

Thanks to Tina for this great meme!

Ruby Tuesday - Top Down

Ruby Tuesday arrives on Labor Day in the US and Canada. Although the the calendar suggests the seasonal change arrives on September 23, the rest of us bid farewell to Summer after today. So for Mary's fun meme, we look at the classic ruby summer accoutrement, the convertible. 

A 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, in its top-down pose. Notice how colors other than mocha and gray are in the insides today, but ruby even exists on the steering wheel. Neat style from back then, see stylish rubies at Mary's meme. And, to those that celebrate, enjoy your Labor/Labour Day!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Industrial

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy is soon to be Spring Brisbane.

And happily for me – last week was one of the few times I did not post. The dumb tropical storm last week was not an issue for us as we are a at least 8 miles (13 km) from high tide, and our home is at a reassuring 400 ft (125 M) above sea level. We did not even lose power – although my office and colleagues did. The worst of the effects along the shore was due to the wind and rain occurring at high tide.

I am happy to be back, so shadows await…

We in the US are now at the beginning of a long weekend, with the holiday on Monday Labor Day. I thought that maybe industrial shadows, staffed by labor, might be appropriate.

So when leaving the office in West Haven, I travelled east to the port area in New Haven around Stiles and Waterfront Streets.

What exists there is scrap metal exporting and a large number of oil tanks full of liquids such as gasoline/petrol, diesel and kerosene. Not a pretty place, but full of the requisite shadowy effects.   

Much of the land along Long Island Sound in CT may be considered a target by some after 09-11 (the New Haven terminal, Millstone nuclear in Waterford, and submarine maker Electric Boat and the US Navy Sub Base in Groton), taking pictures has to be a more discreet affair.

The big truck gates and employee entrance leave no doubt that you should only (attempt to) enter on official business

So, unassuming, stealthy and sort-of clandestine I remained in the area as subjects were sought.

None of the subjects today have any real style, their look always taking the look of functionality. The oil product tanks are cylindrical, no doubt to maximize their capacity inside. The fuel here is for local delivery, although a pipeline exists from this point that carries Jet-A fuel to the Hartford airport, about 50 miles north of here.

So established, the unattractive structures nevertheless hold shadows of interest to the intrepid shadow chaser…

Today, it is a day of sunny brilliance, a wonderful day of great temperature of 77°F (25°C), low humidity and blue sky. The late summer sky allows for strong shadows, the tanks and such leaving a wake of shadowy effects.

The last frame just shows I-95 on the outskirts of the industrial area, where the new Quinnipiac River bridge is being built alongside the old. The bridge supports and steel framing offer shadows that bid me adieu.

Any shadow offers dynamic quality, so see many more at the fun Hey Harriet. And of course in the US, have a fine Labor Day!