Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Reclaimed memories

Sepia Scenes arrives, and the monochrome meme brings me back a few generations to my youth...This old photo is one of the many prints that have been scanned. This actually is a quite faded color view of the homestead at 115 Wickham Drive in East Hartford, CT. I guess the time is around Christmastime 1965. I picked that date because:
  • As a color pic, Grandpa took it, and he and Grandma visited our families in the odd years (Aunt Terry's family the even years).
  • The trees that were planted when the sub-development was built in 1963 have not grown much
  • My guess as to the probable ages of my younger siblings: Vicki (age 6) and Christopher (16 months)

The quality of this color print is poor - replacing the faded hues with sepia is an improvement. The snowfall is nice, a white Christmas a rare event in these parts...See Mary's meme for more monochrome memory magic!


Marie said...

It´s a lovely picture Ralph and the poor quality does not bother me. Instead I think it´s just perfect for the old sepia look.

Robin said...

What fun memories to share. My kids don't really know a real winter, they'd be terribly jealous of all that snow (and I won't show them the photo because it will lead to weeks of begging to go to the US this winter LOL).

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Annie said...

Love the nostalgic mood of this photo. Reminds me of myself, way back in the day.

Birgitta - foto CHIP said...

I can see they like the snow :) and I think the sepia tone is so warm and nice - lovely picture Ralph!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful photo and memories.

Regards and best wishes

Mildred said...

Lovely shot of lovely memories!
Thanks for sharing, Ralph;o)

Have a nice and happy weekend****