Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Industrial

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy is soon to be Spring Brisbane.

And happily for me – last week was one of the few times I did not post. The dumb tropical storm last week was not an issue for us as we are a at least 8 miles (13 km) from high tide, and our home is at a reassuring 400 ft (125 M) above sea level. We did not even lose power – although my office and colleagues did. The worst of the effects along the shore was due to the wind and rain occurring at high tide.

I am happy to be back, so shadows await…

We in the US are now at the beginning of a long weekend, with the holiday on Monday Labor Day. I thought that maybe industrial shadows, staffed by labor, might be appropriate.

So when leaving the office in West Haven, I travelled east to the port area in New Haven around Stiles and Waterfront Streets.

What exists there is scrap metal exporting and a large number of oil tanks full of liquids such as gasoline/petrol, diesel and kerosene. Not a pretty place, but full of the requisite shadowy effects.   

Much of the land along Long Island Sound in CT may be considered a target by some after 09-11 (the New Haven terminal, Millstone nuclear in Waterford, and submarine maker Electric Boat and the US Navy Sub Base in Groton), taking pictures has to be a more discreet affair.

The big truck gates and employee entrance leave no doubt that you should only (attempt to) enter on official business

So, unassuming, stealthy and sort-of clandestine I remained in the area as subjects were sought.

None of the subjects today have any real style, their look always taking the look of functionality. The oil product tanks are cylindrical, no doubt to maximize their capacity inside. The fuel here is for local delivery, although a pipeline exists from this point that carries Jet-A fuel to the Hartford airport, about 50 miles north of here.

So established, the unattractive structures nevertheless hold shadows of interest to the intrepid shadow chaser…

Today, it is a day of sunny brilliance, a wonderful day of great temperature of 77°F (25°C), low humidity and blue sky. The late summer sky allows for strong shadows, the tanks and such leaving a wake of shadowy effects.

The last frame just shows I-95 on the outskirts of the industrial area, where the new Quinnipiac River bridge is being built alongside the old. The bridge supports and steel framing offer shadows that bid me adieu.

Any shadow offers dynamic quality, so see many more at the fun Hey Harriet. And of course in the US, have a fine Labor Day!


bj said...

'morning, Ralph,

How interesting the shadows here are today. I enjoyed seeing all these shadows this morning.

Harriet is either not out of bed or else she is on a long weekend trip.

Sure glad to hear you say that any shadow offers dynamic quality...mine is about as silly as it gets. :)

bj said...

oops, just realized it's SAT. morning, NOT Sunday. So, Harriet can sleep as late as she wants to.
Silly me...guess it was a Senior Moment......

Paula Scott said...

Whew!!! I am so glad you got through that hurricane unscathed! What havock and now Louisiana is about to get hit. Kind of eerie.

I hope you have a wonderful, DRY weekend!

Sylvia K said...

Great shadow shots for the Labor Day Weekend, Ralph! I'm so glad you had no problems as a result of Irene's visit!! We surely have had wild and strange weather everywhere -- well, except here in Seattle! A long delayed spring and summer has finally arrived in here -- just in time for fall!!! But we are enjoying gorgeous skies and sun! I immediately got way too much sun which resulted in the sun poisoning, but all is well now and it is beautiful here! Hope you and Patti have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Tatjana Parkacheva said...

I'm so glad you had no problems with the hurricane Irene.
Very good post and photos.

Regards and best wishes for you Ralph

Cassie said...

Great Labor Day ShadowShot tribute Ralph! Tank farms play a very important part for the running of our nation pretty or not. I bet the security was wondering what you were up to.hehe. If you didn't show up today I was going to have my name tag be "where's Ralph?"! Missed you last week!!

Twiggy said...

A lot of nice shadows!

Catherine said...

what a fine selection for Labour Day - enjoy the holiday...

Crafty Green Poet said...

Although they're quite ugly, industrial scenes like that have very interesting geometry to them and of course make great shadows

sarayutouched said...

so glad irene didn't effect you!! love the blue skies...which of course lean to the shadows!! happy sss ralph!!

Arija said...

What a great wealth of shadows you give us to day!

chubskulit said...

Glad that Irene left you unharmed. I love the tall (new haven terminal) shot!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The shadows soften the "unprettiness" of the scene!


I love my shadow,
My shadow loves me;
We chat together
And don’t disagree!

My shadow and I
Prefer not to shout
As we go walking
And rambling about.

My shadow’s so wise,
I ask what she thinks;
She’s happy to share,
And then nods and winks.

My shadow and I
Are best buds, you see;
That’s why we try hard
To always agree!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Arroyo Shadows

Dianne said...

fantastic idea to feature labor themed shadows!!

enjoy the holiday

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful idea, indeed, Ralph. As a member of the labor force for many years, I appreciate a tribute to workers this weekend.
Thanks for thinking of it. Interesting photo choices, too.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Carletta said...

I saw an article recently on the Internet entitled "Does Labor Day Still Count?"
I'm glad you posted this wonderful tribute to those who labor for all of us and our needs. Many unsung heros in the shadows. :)
Have a wonderful weekend with Patti!

Beverley Baird said...

Great choice for shadows and info for labour Day!
Glad to hear you were not effected by that storm! What horrible weather for so many this summer!
Have a restful holiday!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hey Ralph! Guess you can say that shadow shooting is a LABOR of love....! Great shots...clever Labor Day shots this week :)

Sam said...

Good news about hurricane Irene leaving your house alone! I heard that it wasn't as bad as some forcaster's predicted, but still left a lot of damage in its wake. I hope your office is back on line.

I like these shots! Industrial structures are interesting in that a lot of peple think they are without a fashion but these sorts of structures are most definietly of a particular era! I like the way you've tied your shots in with Labor Day too! :0) Have a terrific long weekend!

A Wild Thing said...

So glad to hear you were unaffected by Irene, the year after I moved to Florida, we got Charlie and 3 other named hurricanes, you might say I got initiated!

And sorry to say, Sunday chicken dinner is on the menu, but with winter coming, I can't have two battling roos in my little chicken condo, but it's the way of it in the Heartland!

Have a safe holiday Ralph n Patti!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ralph .. you do know that Canada also has Labor Day long weekend right ? I have a feeling many don't think so .. in any case .. I wish one day we will not need oil and all of those buildings will disappear some how .. I guess I can always dream right ?
Joy : )
PS thoes sepia shots are wonderful!

Sarah said...

I love this collection of industrial shadows. Industrial scenery is always interesting and I do find it beautiful but not in the conventional sense. I know what you mean about taking clandestine photos too! I often stay in the car for this sort of thing. Glad you were not too badly affected by the storm"

Tom Hilton said...

Glad to hear you didn't suffer from the storm. And yeah, industrial sites like that are a great source of shadows. Nice.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Ralph no worries .. we Canadians are used to being over looked ? LOL
Joy ;-)
Have a great LONG weekend !!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Functionality may be the theme rather than the usual beauty, but this is a fascinating post! Beautiful comments that help understand the perspectives in the photos!

MyMaracas said...

Glad the storm didn't do you any damage! Interesting post; I don't think many of us stop to consider what's inside big industrial areas like that. I like the shadowed edges of the giant cylinders there.