Monday, October 31, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - My kind of town

Tina graciously hosts the fun meme Pic Story. We hope to let the pics shout their 1000 words, while she provides the theme for the week it is meine Stadt - my Town. I am happy to provide information while letting the pictures do as much talking as possible.

My town is Ansonia, Connecticut, population about 18,500. It sits near Long Island Sound, about 85 miles northeast of New York City. An old manufacturing town, it has a only a little bit of industry left. However, it now more is a suburb for the nearby New Haven and Bridgeport.

We have lived here since 1991, when Allegra was aged two years and Cameron a baby at four months. Thus, it is our home.

Here are two views of the Ansonia city hall, decorated for the autumn. The views were taken on two different years at different exposures. The building was opened in 1905, and modified in 1993 for wheelchair access. It is gorgeous inside with beautiful and ornate woodwork from that era. 

This is a brief bit of detail about my town - Thanks Tina for this week's theme!

Ruby Tuesday - October snow?

Ruby Tuesday arrives a mere day after  an odd occurrence.

Snow on October 29, that is. Ansonia received 4 inches (10 cm) of the frozen precip, Being in southern Connecticut not far from Long Island Sound, makes this stranger still.

The ruby is the taillight on my Dodge the morning after. A strange phenomenon, it may look pretty, except 29 October is a tad too early... 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy Statuary

Derby, CT - Town Green
Seymour, CT - French Memorial Park

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy Brisbane. Spring may be down under, although we are awaiting snow tonight - snow is a dumb idea in October in southern Connecticut. We are not the Great White North here...

However, shadows are the theme so I revert to the summer and its sights. These statues are in two nearby towns, and represent this Pennsylvania battle America July 1-3 1863. Much has been written of the battle, and we agree that a civil war needs to be avoided at all costs. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is an eloquent two-minute, 221 word speech that alludes to this (if only today's politicians could be as brief as this...)

That said, we see on the left the statue in Derby, south of Ansonia, and in Seymour, to the north. Both are somber with the soldiers (in Union uniform) looking the same. Each offers an artistry that accepts light and shadow equally and ought to make us think...See shadows from all over at her meme Hey Harriet

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Halloween Party

Sepia Scenes brings us back to little kids at this time of dressing up in costumes. Here, it is our then babes at Allegra's pre-school Halloween party - sibling Cameron was invited. 

Daughter Allegra is two months shy of her fourth birthday, Cam a month before his second. 

The gathering occurred in 1992, and snacks were provided!

Allegra was the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.

Cam was a stegosaurus, a smiling dinosaur on a dual purpose costume and jammies - parents like that multi-tasking...

The snacks were happily devoured. Dress up and little kiddies are always a fond memory. See Mary's meme for sepia all over. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tina's WW - Under the Rainbow

Allegra graduates high school, 2006 - mom Patti captured the rainbow, a sure sign that her future is bright...see Tina's WW

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pic Story - Silver

Tina thoughtfully hosts the fun weekly meme, Pic Story. Our task is to let the picture do the talking while she provides the weekly theme, which this week is gold or silver.

I do not have the gold subject now, however will happily go for the silver. Although my subject for this week might not describe a piece of jewelry, but an equally precious item, our late family feline, Sir Humphrey of Upland. 

A Maine Coon, he was gray, and that of many shades. However, I see silver in his mane - granted, most might see gray, but the argent seems to be there also (at least as I see it :) To make things even more color challenged here, this guy even had a hint of brown too, but that is even harder to see here. He was a fine specimen, and silver is here - not like a necklace or bracelet, but a jewel of a feline in his day!

Ruby Tuesday - Shark Fin

Ruby Tuesday arrives with a ruby that was posted in passing before. Yet, in the world of ruby red captures, it is a favorite of mine. 

The underlying vehicle is a 1961 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport, a beautiful restoration of a quick  performing car of its day. 

What appeals to me here is the 1960s American car trim. Here, the front fender (wing) chrome plated shark style dorsal fin sitting upon it. We see it here in three modes: subject, shadow and reflection. 

A bold capture of style in the details - American cars may have been of dubious quality back then, but fabulous style - they had it all! 

See ruby magic from all over at Mary's fun meme!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Boardwalk Bicyclists

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy, down under in hopefully sunny Brisbane. Sun reminds me of family vacations on the New Jersey shore. That would include the Sea Gull cottages and the later Sea Gull Motel on Brigantine Island for normal kid beach activities.

Atlantic City was a playground in the 1940's, but by 1965, the glitz for grownups had disappeared - however, the kids loved the place as a vacation was fun. Casino's arrived starting in 1978, and perhaps saved the tourist destination - if rundown, I never cared.

We went to nearby Atlantic City for family diversions, Ralph I (the sage of Steubenville) was the photographer with his then state of the art German Exa SLR camera. One of these was early morning bicycle riding on the famous Boardwalk. The day probably started with a cool Atlantic Ocean mist (given the sweaters) but warmed up nicely. If I recall, the bikes had to be returned by 10:00.

The year is 1965, and the boardwalk was empty early. I assume the day started misty, as sweaters were donned for awhile. The day was a beauty with subtle shadows about. The girls all had matching outfits. I am in the upper left with a fourth grade sense of style - stripes and plaid? Even the patriarch rode a bike with someone else taking the shot.

Summer and shadows - a natural pairing. See shadows from all over at the fun Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Wading

Sepia Scenes goes back to the vacation days of yore (1961) on the New Jersey shore.

Younger sister Vicki (age 2) seems to enjoy the low tide, walking in the wet sand with the receding salt water. Naturally, Grandpa occupied the same area, Exa SLR in hand.

Vicki has a two-year look of the world, and complies perfectly with an impish look.

The black-and-white print, beach and Brigantine's Sea Gull cottages seem a perfect fit for sepia. The vacation days of yore make for fine memories.

See more sepia magic at Mary's meme

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - Grilled to perfection

Tina thoughtfully hosts Pic Story, a really fun meme. We use our pictures to tell a story and hopefully it is told well. She picks the weekly theme, and this week it is food.

The restaurant is the fine Carmine's Tuscan Grill in New Haven, the subject this week - grilled vegetables with a balsamic vinegar glaze. Eggplant, zucchini, asparagus and peppers are used. Stylish and delicious, with a glass of Pinot Grigio, a light yet filling meal. Buon appetito!

Ruby Tuesday - Ruby Triumph

Ruby Tuesday arrives at the end of the car show schedule up north. The cars will be taken out sparingly from this point until the mere hint of snow. Naturally, given my avocation for rolling sculptures from the past, the point-and-shoot comes along. 

Patti and I went to one last week, and this very cool 1960 Triumph TR-3 captured my attention in shape and style, especially the wire wheels and cut down doors of this two-seat sports car. But what made this vehicle so beautiful is the sheen from the bold paint, so smooth that both picture takers appear in the red mirror. A perfect hue for RT (or is it TR)! See more iterations of ruby at Mary's meme...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Mandatory Chrome

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy, down under in Brisbane

Up north the autumnal skies are blue, the ambient temperature a warm 82°(28°C), the sun in the South with its long rays – perfect for shadows. 

And what better subject than cars, the older the better. It sounds like a broken record, but I am enamored in old vehicles, the American cars so overstyled, almost like abstract art.

Wildly sculpted sheet metal, flowing all over and accented by chrome. And the brightwork in not applied merely on the small details, but draped all over.

The vehicle on top is a 1932 LaSalle, (seen earlier) a companion brand to the more expensive Cadillac. This cost $2395 in its depression year of sale, an astronomical price in those tough times. The chrome is more gingerly applied to highlight the heron ornament on the radiator and the lights.

By 1954, this Chevrolet had a brilliance on the grille and bumper. The shiny chrome offers no challenge to reflecting the photographer and Patti traversing the grounds under the cars…

The chrome covering this 1963 Impala wheel offers a neat styling touch. Of course, the shiny metal offers a sort of fisheye view of the shape and shadow of the vehicle 1957 Chevrolet resplendent in its sweeping fins and Dusk Pearl paint parked next door. The convex shape allows the reflection within to almost float.

As early as age 4 (1959), American cars looked different every year, the changing details that drew me in to admire the details at a young age, which continues to this day. Patti joined me in this quest, visiting an old car show at the technical high school about 1000 feet from our home

Granted, cars of that day had more style but less of everything else, especially safety and quality. Once you have a family, give me the things of today that matter, like lots of air bags, ABS and dual air. However, today’s cars are more functional and not rolling the rolling sculptures of the past.

There were also stylish trucks exhibited there too. I was drawn to a 1964 Mack with six massive chrome wheels and lots of shine to catch one’s eye. On the hood here many shadows around and under the bulldog and trim.

Given my height challenges, Patti captured the traditional chrome Mack bulldog ornament - see her (in yellow) in the reflection? The canine stands tall, proud and reflective under a blue sky.

Old cars are interesting as art, and maybe the thinking of their era. Function ought to count for far more of why we choose a vehicle. But the days of fin and chrome seem to command our attention and emotions a bit more

See shadows from all over at the always fun Hey Harriet!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sepia Scenes - 1932 Shopper

Sepia Scenes arrives courtesy of Mary in Whitestone NYC. This monochrome meme brings an enhanced period quality to all pictures and other printed material from its era.

It seems that we all remember how low prices were in the 'good old days'. Well, how about food shopping in 1932 (way before I was born :). As part of the 1932 La Salle V8 exhibited at last weekend's car show in Ansonia, the owner supplied period advertisements for our review - and we looked in awe at the selection and prices of the Depression era...

Daniel Reeves was a New York City based grocery chain, totaling 408 stores when the chain was acquired by Safeway Stores in 1941.

By 2011 standards, the pricing is low indeed: 1/2 gallon of apple cider for $0.25, their coffee at the same price and Bells poultry seasoning at $0.08. But as we see today, prices only seem to go in one direction...Sepia and the past pair nicely!

Tina's WW - Baby arrive home

Allegra arrives home, 1/1/1989. Three days old and mom admires the miracle. The print may be faded but never the memories...see Tina's WW!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - Reflective

The picture is worth many words - perhaps as many as 1000. Yet we hope to look first at the picture to see if we can figure out the scene - but sometimes an explanation is okay, too.

Tina thoughtfully hosts her fun meme, Tina's Pic Story. We enjoy this because we all have a few views to share, and the varied weekly theme is chosen by her. This week it is reflections.

This past Saturday, daughter Allegra and I went to a street fair in our town of Ansonia (CT), known as the Harvest Festival. It was a not typical cool Autumn day, but sunny and warm with a temperature of 78°F (26°C), a day to enjoy the outdoor sights.

Here is a beautiful old car, a 1932 Cadillac LaSalle 'rumble seat' coupe. It is a stunning burgundy in color, and with the strong sun, allowed for reflections of the both of us and the 1932 magazine sitting on the running board. Allegra uses her phone to capture us admiring the car. The car has a classy style that reflects well - what about us?

Ruby Tuesday - Harvest Fair

Ansonia's Harvest Festival was held on Saturday, and the vendors (and ruby opportunities) abounded. The day was a gorgeous early autumn 78° (26°C), with blue skies and no humidity. 

So, Ruby Tuesday allows the obvious reds to appear from the obvious subject: food. Any street fair has lots of it, and the signs here have the requisite reds. Although, I actually had a chicken quesadilla - but took no pictures. However, what is more fair food than fried dough? See rubies is all forms at Mary's colorful meme...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Serene Scene

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives during the early stages of our Autumn in the northeast US. Yet, warm weather still sits overhead, and we keep the warmth in our minds as the snow will fall someday soon. Our memories will keep us warm (sort of)... 

Above is a capture courtesy of the delightful Patti, and it is a summer view of the trees and water in a park in our neighboring small (13,000) city of Derby CT. It was owned by the local water company, but donated to the city as a park. It is a very serene scene, the day warm but not humid; the water still, barely a ripple traversing the surface.

I would love to have a home with the glass door leading to a deck with such a view in the summer. In the winter not so much, minus leaves on the trees and ice on the surface. Above is shown the seasonal view to savor... See more of the shadowy fun at Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sepia Scenes - 1939 Exhibition

An old monochrome black-white picture is a fine glimpse into the past. A sepia edit often adds even more character. Mary's Sepia Scenes is a fine meme for monochrome memories.

This is my father at the New York World's Fair, I guess in the summer of 1939, which would make him almost 12 years old. The sign says this looks to be the Futurama exhibit, sponsored by General Motors. There seems to be long line to enter. 

The fantastic imaginary future was on people's minds in the USA, and at the fair, probably no one was thinking of the terrible war in Europe to begin in Early 1940. However a fair is a place to relax and perhaps escape reality (for a while, at least). Which my father and parents no doubt did...