Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sepia Scenes - 1932 Shopper

Sepia Scenes arrives courtesy of Mary in Whitestone NYC. This monochrome meme brings an enhanced period quality to all pictures and other printed material from its era.

It seems that we all remember how low prices were in the 'good old days'. Well, how about food shopping in 1932 (way before I was born :). As part of the 1932 La Salle V8 exhibited at last weekend's car show in Ansonia, the owner supplied period advertisements for our review - and we looked in awe at the selection and prices of the Depression era...

Daniel Reeves was a New York City based grocery chain, totaling 408 stores when the chain was acquired by Safeway Stores in 1941.

By 2011 standards, the pricing is low indeed: 1/2 gallon of apple cider for $0.25, their coffee at the same price and Bells poultry seasoning at $0.08. But as we see today, prices only seem to go in one direction...Sepia and the past pair nicely!

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Marie said...

Like this post Ralph. Funny to look back in time and in the old good days.