Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tina's WW - Retrieving

Not my dog - but Golden Retriever brandy will happily return whatever you throw into the water. Nice doggie...see Tina's WW!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - Glass

Tina thoughtfully hosts the fun weekly meme Pic Story. We are to try to let the picture speak its '1000 words' as she provides the weekly theme - this week it is glas (glass)

I see a vehicle as the place where I glass, the view outside as well as inside. To see where we are going and maybe where we have been. So I offer two examples of the weekly theme. The first was taken by the always lovely Patti. As I drive, Patti keeps the camera and on a longer trip, she finds the subjects. In this case, she captures the photographer in the passenger side wing mirror. The glass is what she looks through to get the picture on the mirror, also made of this material

On the second, we were on vacation/holiday on Cape Cod one year, and the kids noticed this rear window. What is hard to believe is the number of colleges/universities are represented. Wow, that is a lot of higher education on the rear window. Great I think, except for the only question: if they had that many children in college, how could they possibly afford to go on holiday? See more pictures in this theme at Tina's fun meme!

Ruby Tuesday - Colonial kids

Mary thoughtfully hosts the fun meme Ruby Tuesday; and the rule is simple: A lot or a little red.

Today, that simple dictum takes me bak to a recent open house at the historic David Humphreys House in Ansonia.

The house dates back to the early-mid 1700s, and today, thee open hearth cooking was delicious (squash pie, pumpkin soup, real cornbread, etc). A treat!

What of the rubies? The Derby Historical Society is populated with junior docents, kids that have an interest in history and assisted in preparing the feast. The colonial dress adds the appropriate air to the open house, as well as today's ruby...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Luxury Living, 1762

Shadow Shot Sunday brings me to one of my favorite homestead museums, the Humphreys House  just down the hill from us in Ansonia, once part of our small neighbor City of Derby. David Humphreys has been written about before, a unique person of history who lived close to us, and there is unique history in every town - we hope to learn it well.

This is a typical well-to-do home of the day. This room, the study, looks Puritan stark. However, it nevertheless spoke of luxury living in its day. This being the 'formal' room, it is plain by our modern day soft ideas, the softest thing here the wicker chairs. Not to mention no central heat with three drafty fireplaces that are warm for no more than one meter beyond the embers. Brrrr!

Nevertheless, a fineabode in the pre-Revolutionary US. Style and comfort are of their respective eras, and it represents an affluent living for a gentleman of his day...see more shadows of style, comfort and substance at the fun Hey Harriet!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving - Reasons

Thanksgiving is a holiday that advises us to give thanks for all of or blessings and abundance. Of course, any measure of this does not need just one day, but should be part of us always, every day.

Naturally, our family is reason enough. We go through trials, yet we are here together. Still, every day a blessing, the four of us as one.

Patti has her share of trials these days - and we are all thankful that the prognosis is excellent, and Patti's once voluminous hair is returning - another blessing!

This view is not on a sunny day, the low ceiling and briny Atlantic mist might not seem the day for this place. With my favorite three, Nauset Beach on the Cape is as brilliant a day as ever. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Sunset at 31,000 ft

Sepia Scenes is back, and I am ready! Today is an old print from the 1986. It is the setting sun on the port side wing of an L-1011 (a fine plane) of Eastern Airlines (remember them?) winging its way to La Guardia airport in New York City (not a fan). The print is old, the golden sun allowing a perfect reason for a slight antique edit, cutting the glare a bit...everyone have a fine Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tina's WW - Birthday

On 23 November, we wish a Happy Birthday to college kid and son Cameron. 21 years is a milestone, even if you are still a big kid to us! The pictures speak at Tina's WW...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - Jungle Cat

Tina again thoughtfully hosts the fun picture meme Tina's Pic Story. She provides the weekly theme, we showcase our story-in-a-picture. The theme this week is Leafs.

So, how about a jungle plant (of sorts) full of leaves, the perfect thing to hide the suburban hunter Linus. He looks as if he is a jungle cat himself, but alas for him, he is too soft to actually live there. At home he is safely protected by wood, vinyl and glass - and food when he wants. He can then pretend to to be the brave cat he is not really...

Ruby Tuesday - Stuffing

The start of something good
Thanksgiving arrives this week, and I have a few reds for Mary's Ruby TuesdayWe have much to be thankful for, and all four of us will be home to enjoy conversation and food - in that order...

We will not stuff the bird, but will make the stuffing anyway. We like this particular brand, however will enhance the product a bit for more flavor: onion and celery for aromatic flavors; an apple for a hint of sweetness; sausage (turkey sausage is a fine sub); cider for moisture and butter. The apple cider is added to the mixture before baking for moistness. I love the smell of onions and celery cooking in butter on Thanksgiving morning.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy worship

Shadow Shot Sunday returns amid this cold autumn morn. Underneath a sunny and clear and brilliantly blue sky, a day to admire and dress warmly. 

Granted, these temps seem chilly now (36°F / 2°C) but balmy if on a day in mid-January. I guess it takes awhile for us to adapt to the seasonal changes...

The stone subject is Christ Episcopal Church in Ansonia. This house of worship dates back to its Anglican roots as far back as 1737. This building, the latest in the parish lineage itself was completed in 1896.The outside structure was constructed in granite from Ansonia and graystone from New Jersey.

The always lovely Patti was on a 
story assignment today, covering a local third-grade class program at the church, and since I was not working today, I drove.

As I am height challenged, I commissioned Patti to take a few shadowy photos - a nice day made even nicer with shadows. The fine detailing is from a time long gone. The gothic arches over windows and doors are classic, the granite nicely delineating the stained glass from the stone.

The neatest detail sits at the top of the bell tower, and these are gargoyles. The mythical stone creatures seem to aim toward the four corners of the world from their perch located above South Cliff Street. Great shadows from a great building!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tina's WW - Bearly moving

A cute and furry bruin on a hot Nebraska day. However, do not confuse him with your favorite teddy bear! See Tina's WW!

Furry? Yes! Friendly? I'd rather not ask...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - Heart

Tina thoughtfully hosts the fun meme Pic Story. We try to let the picture tell the story. She provides the weekly theme for us, and this week is Heart.

I see it is being both the feelings we have, and the familiar shape we all know. So I showcase of our firstborn, daughter Allegra (who was once little). We always have that affection, even as a really big kid (22) now. And, the old scanned print has a surprise that we see between Mickey and Minnie - a number of red hearts floating on the denim outfit.

So now we have heart and see hearts too. Thanks Tina for this week's theme!

Ruby Tuesday - Meal and a half...

Mary's Ruby Tuesday brings me back all the way to yesterday. A co-worker of mine had her wedding/reception last night. The bride and groom are such an attractive couple and nice too. And we got dressed for the occasion, Patti a dress and a jacket and tie for myself - fun and semi-elegant pair well...

On RT, we looks for reds, and at an Italian eatery in West Haven, my choice was veal Riccardo, with the addition of eggplant, ricotta and mozzarella, all sitting under a ruby red sauce. Patti had the same in chicken. I know what we are having for dinner tonight. That is the first ruby...

The second is the Merlot that the waiter kindly poured for Patti and myself. We celebrated the newly married, while in this digital age we capture rubies too. Multi-tasking can be fun!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - East Hartford Easter

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy - based normally down under in Brisbane, but currently on holiday on the Great Barrier Reef. Hoping you are enjoying the sun and surf...

This week's submission takes me back to my youth in East Hartford Connecticut. The year is 1968, the day Easter Sunday, in the front yard along Wickham Drive. The yellow easter finery is on sister Michele, the era where a new outfit was often purchased.

The two gentlemen are also named Ralph, Grandpa (L) and my father. Shadows abound, under the three participants.

A shadow falls underneath the new family hauler, a maroon 1968 VW Microbus with a mere 57 horsepower (43 Kw).

All I remember was that this VW was slooooow, molasses flowing faster than this. However, when shadows are available, who cares about speed?

Time and poor storage have not been kind to these prints, full of fade and blemish. I scanned these a few years ago, and I do not have proper photo software to fix, so edits were not made. Yet, the past seems quite alive even if full of scratches. My seventh grade memories are a bit scratchy these days too...See more of the shadowy world at the always fun Hey Harriet!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tina's WW - Seasonally cold

Not to worry, this was not last week, but 12 January (38 cm). Buried in this is a Hyundai and a shrub or two...see Tina's WW!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tina's Pic Story - Indoor and inside

Tina most graciously hosts her fun meme, Pic Story. Here, we let the pictures talk, explaining as little as possible, each frame a story. She has chosen for this weeks theme as Indoor.

So, we have here a pair of kitties with their instinctive curiosity. What has captured their fancy is a cloth grocery bag. Not only do they jump onto the table to inspect your food purchases, they are even more insistent on inspecting the bag that you carried in. Not just the outside, but the inside too. So the indoor felines are both indoor as well as inside. Good cats!

Ruby Tuesday - Laundry comfort

Ruby Tuesday is Mary's fun meme, with the mere requirement of red, a lot or a little.

This week showcases Linus, our family feline friend. I am not sure how he ended up in a pile of clean laundry - although probably now with a trace of white/tan dander included.

Did he jump into the full laundry basket, and it tumbled off the futon? A likely scenario. The ruby is the small corners of a red beach towel, not counting his pink (derived from red) nose? I think the towel better represents a proper ruby...See Mary's meme for many worldwide ruby subjects!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Snow way

View to the north
Toward the South, and driveway

Shadow Shot Sunday is thoughtfully hosted by Tracy in sunny and dry Brisbane. If weather is the theme for the day, how about a freaky autumn snowstorm. 

Last Saturday, 29 October, it snowed. Problems for many in this state - there are those north of us, many customers do not have electricity still.* We kept ours thankfully, so we could focus on at least the nice snowy views. 

The always lovely Patti captured these shots early last Sunday. Cold and snow are not preferred, but shadows and sun add a bit of artistry to any home...See shadowy art from all over the globe at Hey Harriet!

*Falling trees full of leaves and heavy and wet snow fell onto utility lines, which caused the power problems for over 600,000 customers in our state...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Kids, 1942

Sepia Scenes and Steubenville seems to be a recurring theme for me. However, so many neat prints are being discovered in the inherited archives, it is a theme that bears repeating.

I will guess the year is 1942, and I know the players (L-R) as Grandma V (Agnes), baby Aunt Terry and my father, the photographer Grandpa, Ralph I.

By the summer of 1942 and in WWII, gasoline rationing was in place and long trips in cars were out. So I assume they stayed close to home at a park (nearby Belleview?). Terri seems to be a happy baby...a fun look at the past. 

See more at Mary's monochrome magic meme

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tina's WW - Snow kidding

Snow on 29 October is way early. Patti's smiling pumpkin does not seem to care...See Tina's WW!

They arrived, they tricked, we treated

Halloween last night - 121 costumed beings showed up, and we were pleased. Instead of tally marks, we kept the laptop open. Alas, we ran out at 7:19 PM. Only four pieces of candy left, with eight consumers not too far away. Not enough for all. So. we extinguished the light. The day an unqualified success...