Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving - Reasons

Thanksgiving is a holiday that advises us to give thanks for all of or blessings and abundance. Of course, any measure of this does not need just one day, but should be part of us always, every day.

Naturally, our family is reason enough. We go through trials, yet we are here together. Still, every day a blessing, the four of us as one.

Patti has her share of trials these days - and we are all thankful that the prognosis is excellent, and Patti's once voluminous hair is returning - another blessing!

This view is not on a sunny day, the low ceiling and briny Atlantic mist might not seem the day for this place. With my favorite three, Nauset Beach on the Cape is as brilliant a day as ever. Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Patti said...

Giving thanks today for returning hair! Woo hoo!

Sweet post, Ralphie.

Linda said...

I've got no doubt that Patti has been doing the Happy Dance about her hair returning as well as offering up many, many thanks. Personally I'm just thankful that there's a drug out there that will fight the cancer even if Patti's beautiful locks were a casualty of war!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving, Ralph! I, for one, am very thankful for the gift of the Villers' friendship!