Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sepia Scenes - 7 December

Sepia Scenes, thoughtfully hosted by Mary, is back. Today is December 7, the day that 'lived in infamy' back in 1941. It seems that WWII mobilized the entire USA in one form or another, and by its end, Americans were happy to see its end in August 1945.

Note the huge flag that is draped across the porch of the house.

The picture has a relative (the girl) and I guess other neighborhood kids in Steubenville Ohio involved in the shot, taken by my grandfather. It was a day to celebrate. I believe that the headline is splashed across the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the children (and dog) are really celebrating. What began that December 7 finally ended...


nonizamboni said...

What a perfect illustration to honor that day! I can only imagine how glad families were--my mom said she spent her whole high school years with her two brothers gone.
Happy week to you and Patti!

Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

That shot is a great slice of history! We need to keep talking about it so the younger generation can learn and not forget!

Suzy said...

thanks for sharing a piece of history.

Verena said...

Wow, what a cool photo! I can imagine how glad everyone must have been when WW2 was over. My parents both are from silesia (Schlesien) wich is Poland now (it was still german during the war) and they had to flee to East-Germany.
Thanks for sharing!