Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Christmas tyme

Tall and tinselly, 1959
Today's Sepia Scenes is a reprise of a picture from the past. Yet the memory of the person and his sense of decorating style stays strong. 

Grandpa loved big Christmas Trees, and he liked lots of tinsel on his big tree. So a sepia edit of this washed out color print takes a bit of the shine off this tree, eye protection not necessary...

We are at their home on Oregon Avenue in Steubenville Ohio, 1959. Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Terry are dressed up for Christmas and the tree is as grand as can be. A happy holiday to all!


Patti said...

Beautiful vintage Villers photo, Ralphie!

Now that's a tree.

MyMaracas said...

Great old photos, Ralph! Our trees were loaded with tinsel too, when I was a kid. Do they even sell it anymore?

Merry Christmas!