Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Whimsical Windows - Older New Haven

Whimsical Windows (and Delirious Doors) is back again, This fun (and perhaps informational) meme is hosted by Toby in Judea. She notes that we are merely tasked to captures windows, doors and other interesting architectural items, post and link. I am happy to contribute…

We live 15 minutes from New Haven Connecticut, home of Yale University – and full of old buildings. The top photo was captured on Orange Street. It once was full of upscale homes that mostly are attorney offices. This one is eye-catching, I guess from the late 1880s, and full of classic details like turrets, arches and gingerbread trim. The modern day utility wires are not distractions from this brick beauty – we ignore them and admire this architectural gem.

The second subject sits along more upscale Whitney Avenue, near East Rock and north of downtown. 

It is the St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The congregation started in 1840, and this building was opened in 1931.

Houses of worship bak then seemed to harken back to centuries old  Europe. I do not know what the exterior of this building is clad with, but it looks very substantial.

Its windows have an old world style, the gothic (?) arches wonderfully detailed. Beautiful in a way the modern style cannot replicate.

This is a fun meme, and we all have lovely architecture that is local to us, which prompts us carry our cameras with us at all times...


Donna said...

Houses like this must have been wonderful to spend a childhood! Lots of nooks and crannies. Oh, to have turrets!

toby said...

Those are both great - the first one certainly is eye-catching! I'm so pleased that you've joined along - even if there aren't a lot of us posting, I have such a good time with it! Thanks again!