Monday, December 1, 2014

Whimsical Windows - Upward perspectives

I aim skyward for Toby's meme Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors, and the subject is a wheelchair height is the ubiquitous congregational in the center of a New England town, this being in urban East Hartford CT on a warmer (than now) day. Under a splash of sun, it appears almost as a skyscraper. I know it isn't, but being seated so low, things appear to climb on and up. Unusal perspectives combined with an active immagination can be a fun thing, at least if you are me :)


toby said...

That looks like it would be pretty tall even if you were standing :)
I really like those pillars, and the lovely round - stained glass window, is it? Truthfully, I'd believe you if you told me that this was City Hall, and not a church at all :)
Lovely find, at any rate!

Dina said...

Shalom Ralph. Your ideas here make me remember something my Chicago rabbi said half a century ago. To a confirmation class of teenagers he quipped, "Jews don't kneel to anyone, not even God." Having said that, he added "But I recommend you try kneeling someday because things look a lot different from down there."

Sara said...

The clock tower does appear to tower over anyone walking, or wheeling, below. Those columns are very stately. It is an attractive building.