Monday, April 30, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - Emergency 'E'

Tina's Pic Story allows us to take photos, not randomly but to follow Tina's weekly theme, which this week is the letter 'E'.

Today I look to vehicles that respond to Emergency situations, so have chosen a couple of fire trucks, one newer and enormous and one old and not so much, both part Webster Hose Company 3 in Ansonia.
The big one is a Pierce, purchased by Ansonia new in 2009, and huge. It carries the six fire fighters safely inside and pumps plenty of water onto the flames. 

I hope that I never need their services...the old one is is a local museum and is a Mack and was purchased by the city in 1946. Not as enormous, but it was once elemental is arriving at emergencies. So the letter 'E' is here, happily without emergencies now...

Ruby Tuesday 2 - Fire protection past-present

Ruby Tuesday 2 is back, and we look for rubies in small or large doses, and even in different eras...Patti and I were in a new attraction in our small (19,000) city, the Ansonia Fire Museum built as part of an old and now restored school. Though not open to the public yet, we were on an informal tour of the great displays of trucks and firefighter gear.

This picture jumped at me - a late 19th century horse-drawn fire wagon in the foreground from Webster Hose Company. The red sits all over this classic apparatus. Behind is something completely different in era - a modern fire suppression system. The differences from horse-drawn to computerized is cool, the way once good enough then to state of the art now I find intriguing. With plenty of red to capture our attention! See more ruby at RT2!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Local Byzantine

At ground level by the St Peter-St Paul Church, Howard Avenue, Ansonia, Connecticut 
Toby hosts the fun Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors, and we hope to capture unique portals.  

Today I show part of the Saint Peter-Saint Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Ansonia. We are in an old industrial town immigrants that immigrants from Eastern Europe who originally worshiped here from countries such as the Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. 

This building was completed in 1915, and is in a Byzantine style, the domes clad in copper (befitting Ansonia, known as the Copper City). I notice a few buildings where the copper has turned to a green hue like this one. I would imagine the cost to restore the roof to its copper hue would be astronomical, so the copper stays as is. However, the dome and windows have a very unique shape... 

Patti and I were in an old school next door yesterday, and I noticed the church through a large window. Since she had the camera, and I saw windows perfect for the meme. I asked and she kindly took this shot. If we pay attention with camera in hand, we may capture even more architectural gems…

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Savory and sweet

Chicken w/hot peppers

Antonio's 'bag of donuts' desert

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is back, and we are on the prowl for shadows. We often set out without knowing where they are, yet hope to capture a few wherever we may be...

My birthday was this week (57 should you ask, but who's counting :), and we went to dinner at a neat place downtown called Antonio's Original, an eclectic eatery. Not expensive, but with a fun menu that also included a side order of shadows...since Allegra had her I-Phone, I requested a picture or two...On top, the contents within the stemware left a shadow that immediately captured my attention...

My chicken was good, the balsamic sweetness countering the hot peppers. Desert is great there, I chose what was referred to as a bag of donuts - eight, freshly fried and covered with powdered sugar, served with sweet dipping sauces (caramel, chocolate and vanilla). Not to mention a few spherical shadows.

(Calorie count is not important when celebrating a birthday. There are 364 days to wokk those off...). Naturally the time spent here yesterday is not just food, but conversation and time together that makes a celebration fun... See many more shadowy iterations at SSS2!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - Hail the weather

Tina's Pic Story returns this week, and we follow its basic rule: we provide the picture and the story to the weekly theme, which this week is the weather. Last summer, more specifically 1 August, we had a strong late afternoon thunderstorm. It had been a period of really hot and humid, and finally the heat would go away. After a bout of hail, which rarely occurs in southern Connecticut. 

These four views were captured as shown, from the worst to the cooler aftermath and the blue sky returning - probably dropping from 88°F to 60°F (29°C to 16°C) in less than an hour. The weather may certainly change...and no complaining allowed!

Ruby Tuesday 2 - Bricks and mortar

At the Maple Street Bridge, crossing the Naugatuck River, Ansonia Connecticut
Ruby Tuesday is back, and we adhere to the simple and basic premise: red, a lot or a little. Today it is a local view down the newly renovated Maple Street bridge in our town of Ansonia. The old factories are not as busy as in decades past. However, the factories were built in an industrial where equal amounts of brick and quality made impressive brick buildings. Though old, they maintain a functional charm and beauty many years later...Sorry about MMTs laptop!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whimsical Windows-Back seat drivers

1961 Dodge; L-R: Michele, Claudia, Vicki
I so enjoy Toby's fun meme Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors in which we look for portals of seriousness, style and/or mirth. I am aiming at the third of these...admittedly, I am straying from convention. The whimsy comes from a time a while ago, I believe 1961, and three smiling siblings posing for Grandpa. Here, the place these cherubs are located is in the back seat of his work car, a 1961 Dodge Seneca wagon on a parking lot somewhere around Bayside Queens New York City. Of course, it is not architecture we see, however it includes a door and a window :). See Toby's meme for fun windows and doors!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Front Range

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 reminds us that shadows of any era are fun captures, digital new or scanned old

I revert to the past, which is 1966 (per the car at the airport), the state Colorado on the Front Range leading to the Rocky Mountains. The subjects are my grandparents. As we know, Ralph wanted photographic proof he was there, and he got it. The first sepia views were taken at the wonderful Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, a beautiful place. Obviously he arrived, and she is seen overlooking the foothills of he Rockies - note how she dressed up - this we don't see much today...

The black-and-white shots are probably at the old Stapleton airport in Denver. Not exciting, but they were there. And both were dressed up for the flight home (naturally, people dressed up to fly back then, too...). Shadows know no era, they appear when and wherever - thankfully today’s scanners allow for digital shadowy captures - eee more of the fun at SSS2!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tina's WW - Day, night, etc

Where to park in Derby, day or night, right or left-the neon sign points the way...see Tina's WW


Monday, April 16, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - From above

United Airlines 777 over the coastline between Groton and New London, Connecticut

Tina's Pic Story is always fun - we search for the weekly meme theme which she provides. This week it is 'from above' is another view from daughter Allegra who one day was arriving on a plane bound for JFK airport in New York City. Since that airport is very busy, often times the planes are in a holding pattern; this view is over Groton Connecticut and the Long Island Sound (about 80 miles/129 km east of JFK). The view from her 777 aircraft qualifies as being above it all (I think :)...see Tina's fun meme!

Ruby Tuesday 2 - City Seal

Ruby Tuesday 2 is back with its simple ruby red rule. Today’s picture is from within the Connecticut State capitol building in Hartford. Captured from above is a seal from a city that dates back to 1784.
Due to the brick red hue, I captured this from wheelchair height. 

Intrigued, I checked it out and learned a thing or two. This is actually the seal for the City of New Haven, about forty miles south of the capital city. Per the city’s web site, this design was from two prominent New Haven residents, Ezra Stiles and James Hillhouse. In 1784, Stiles wrote of the seal:

Finished the City Seal. The Devise, the Harbour of New Haven, a Ship at the Entrance, and an Ionic Pillar entwined with a Grape Vine. Under the Ship at the Mouth of the Harbour, MARE LIBERUM; and round the Seal SIGILL.CIVITAT.NOVI-PORT.IN REPUB.CONNECTICUTENSI.1784...It is always fun to learn something new about your state or town when seeking rubies. The detailing on the wall and arch is amazing in any color – especially red!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Capital portals

Toby hosts the fun Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors, as we look for openings of style. Last week I was at the Connecticut state capitol building in Hartford, taking as many pictures in this regal structure.

In the first, I like the wavy effect of looking through two old windows at the same time. Wavy best describes the interior window in a hallway door that looks out to stained glass artistry. I especially like the shape of the other window. Interesting effects to say the least! 

The second was viewed from inside a room and minus the other pane. 

The colors are bold as the stained glass seems so brilliant even though the sun was only hazy, not very strong.

The shape evokes a star or sunburst in the architecture described as Victorian Gothic Revival when construction was completed in 1879. Unique best describes these...see more of the fun at Toby's meme!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Capitol ideas

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is back – and we are ready to hunt and capture shadows! For work this week, the disability expo was in place and held on Wednesday. The venue was the Connecticut state capitol building in Hartford. While there, I was able to be a shadow detective – and this was a great place to do so.

Beyond the event, I happily moved around this landmark. The building was designed in a Victorian Gothic Revival style. It was opened for the General Assembly in January 1879.

In the first view, I am peering through the columns perched over a grand stairway leading down to the chamber for the House chamber. Shadows fall onto the ceiling overhang.

On the second, I am looking down the hall of the third floor. The opening receives light from a roof skylight above the top floor. The globe lamps leave shadows and reflections above and below. I would be delighted if about 150 square feet (14 M sq) of this marble floor just showed up on our dining room floor one day...same for the polished wood :) The view down to the second floor highlights the style of the era. Like the bold dusty rose and mauve colors.

Downstairs, there are velvet rope lines that the lobbyists are too stand behind these while awaiting their legislators to petition their positions. Note the people standing around – the lawmakers they want to see are not in the building this morning. So they wait with the hope they are noticed and seen…I love the style of this grand old building! See the shadowy world at the fun SSS2!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tina's WW - Homeward bound

They are this small only once - the baby leaves the hospital to go to her home...see Tina's WW!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - Bowl of Fruit

Tina's Pic Story is back, and we happily participate. She provides the theme, we follow up with pics. This week's theme is früchte/fruits.

In this bowl is one year's harvest of hot peppers. I like heat, but not that much of it. Some of these will be dried in the sun and crushed for the ultimate chili pepper. Or add it to many a dish for more heat or flavor. Need to plant soon!

Ruby Tuesday 2 - Unfurled

Ruby Tuesday 2 is here, and we merely provide a bit of ruby red.

At the Derby Public Library, I was taking pictures on a day of spectacular sun and blue, I am on the shady, downhill side of the building, the stone wall and tree fill the frame. Except, we notice in this mix of shade and blue a flag, unfurled and fluttering in the breeze.

The mix of white, blue and red stands in its glory - a fine ruby addition! See more at RT2.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Turn of the Century

Toby most graciously hosts the architectural meme Whimsical Windows / Delirious Doors. We capture portals and panes of note in our travels. Which today is the Derby (CT) Public Library, opened in 1902 with renovations completed in 2000. To the left is the original front door. I think hat the windows that flank the door are restored with with the original glazing as well as the transom above.

To the right is the accessible door at the end of the new wheelchair ramp added - thus, I am able to enter. No style in the modern door. However, it has  means that I can enter the library. The door is modern and nondescript - now with a pushbutton to easily open it :)

The original windows were restored beautifully, and this wall of windows that lets the natural daylight filter onto the patrons - just as in 1902. 

The original entrance with steps sits as in the old days to welcome all seekers of knowledge. The house in the back is probably as old as the library itself, the neighborhood style not much changed at the corner of Elizabeth and Caroline Streets. Follow more portals and panes at this fun meme!