Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tina's WW, 29-29 Days - Not my neighborhood

Tina's WW brings us his is not where we actually live - but we can all dream for a view from our front doors like this! Also, it is Tina's 29 Days on day 29 - thanks for this February fun!
The Atlantic at Orleans, Massachusetts, on the 'hook' of Cape Cod...I could get used to this!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - Sleep

Allegra leaves the hospital for her new home in Derby CT 01/01/1989
Tina's Pic Story arrives with its simple suggestion - we provide the picture (up to 1000 words) and Tina provides the theme - this week it is sleep-schlaf.

The old saying is that we should never wake a sleeping baby. So firstborn Allegra was captured in her sleeping pose - and she arrives home for the first time on New Year's Day. Warmly dressed, she lounges in her seat in the family Nissan. She is sleeping peacefully this day (but not so much on her first night at home :)
also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Ruby Tuesday 2 - Speedy Chevrolets

1962 Impala SS 409
1967 Malibu SS, 427

Ruby Tuesday 2 arrives with retro rubies captured when they were not moving....

In the 1960s, hot were endowed with speed. The manufacturer thus added little badges to let the world know that you had hardware the other guys didn't have. The little die cast and ruby painted signs from 1962 and 1967. Both vehicles were immaculate restorations, and since I really like old cars, I saw the potential for a post!

Also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Linear Lunacy

Toby hosts her fun meme, Whimsical Windows- Delirious Doors. The premise is quite simple: we post windows, doors and other interesting architectural art.

Today, we are looking at the Long Wharf Maritime Center on the New Haven CT harbor. The 15-story building, opened in 1985, follows the modern norm of steel and glass construction. It does offer a few neat styling diversions - as the building gas many corners, the series of windows to the right do not line up with their respective floors, they seem to rise and fall at random.

As does the blue scaffolding...
The zany linear reflections are seen on the north face. The reflections conspire with the corners to add more complexity to the scene - it almost seems that one window does not end at the other window - it also enters into it. 

With more scaffolding to further confuse the viewer...See more portal artistry at Toby's meme!

Also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Sandy shadows max and min

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 arrives for us on a gray day with cold rain. Thus, I showcase summer shadows. Such as in days of yore on Cape Cod. First is the max shadow view taken by our kids on a Duck vehicle. Beyond the stylish houses, shadows fall while wavy reflections bob on the briny waves. This is an attractive and very nice neighborhood...
Now, on the spacious and barely occupied Kalmus Beach, there are shadows to be found.

We have to look hard to see them. And they appear under the slender beach. Under a few blades of grass, feathery shadows fall about the soft Atlantic sand. These shadows are tiny, so no protection for the humans who forgot to apply sunblock...See more shadowy art at SSS2...

also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Friday, February 24, 2012

29 Days-Soft Sunset

The always lovely Patti captured this lovely sunset outside the back window. This sunset offers hues of pink and peach, offsetting the cold winter blue-gray heavens. 

The soft pastels give us hope that the warmer days of Spring, to occur quickly - not tomorrow, naturally, but soon enough...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

29 Days-23-Concrete wishbone

We are looking south toward downtown Boston Massachusetts alongside the I-93 Zakim Memorial Bridge
Tina's 29 Days brings me to a place where style and function work equally. The place is under the Charlestown side of the Zakim Bridge in Boston. The look is graceful and sleek. The tower looks almost like a concrete wishbone, bit not weak like the one we find inside a chicken or turkey. Yet the span was designed and built to withstand that it will withstand a 400 mph / 640 km/h wind - the highest ever recorded was 110 mph. So, style and strength work well together!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

29 Days - Memories are made

An interest in photography bug was perhaps inherited from my grandfather (as I was named after him)

So on day 22 of Tina's 29 Days, I offer this sepia view was in Atlantic City NJ in I believe the late 1940s. He later had an Exa SLR camera in the 1950s, made in Dresden Germany. It could make photographic art of film.

Yet, the camera for him was not art - it was to capture the memories of special times. Like here, standing in front of the posh Traymore, a luxury hotel facing the Atlantic Ocean. Notice that he is holding a box camera - always good to carry around while searching for those memories...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tina's WW - Carefree cooking

The days of winter shall soon pass. Then the time will be ready for dining on the patio after basting BBQ chicken over charcoal...See Tina's WW!
Also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - Creative Crossing

Tina's Pic Story arrives with the simple premise: she provides the theme, we provide the photo. This week's theme is Creative...We are at Union Station, the rail station in New Haven. We are actually in a passenger tunnel beneath tracks 8 and 9. It is usually a busy place full of commuters on weekdays. On this Saturday, beyond the gaze of security, I was able to capture this view.

The glow is eerie, the flash or lack of makes this an oval portal of a chartreuse green. We might imagine being in a space ship, except the light at the end might be enough to wake us up from a strange dream sequence...
also part of Tina's 29 Days

Ruby Tuesday 2 - 1970s Plaid

Ruby Tuesday 2 is back, and old and odd styles are in fashion...

The 1970s was a different sort of decade. Many odd styles were normal, especially in long hair, ultra-wide jacket lapels and clown width ties. Not to mention plaid!

I am resplendent in red plaid jacket. The year is 1976, and Grandpa is as dressy as plaid allows, too. This fuzzy scanned picture has been posted in the past, yet it still tells a story well of a strange decade...

Posted also as part of Tina's 29 Days

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Bayside Style

Happy Birthday Michele...highlighting big sister Michele on her birthday!

For Toby’s Whimsical Windows / Delirious Doors, I return to the scanned photos. The door here is from an era, and posted a few times before. Delirious for sure, and whimsy galore… 

The date stamp says we are in April 1957 at our family, the place being our first apartment on 35th Avenue in Bayside, Queens, New York City. I'd say the building dates back to 1920-1925. Note the mail slot. In an e-commerce era, that may be considered a bit archaic, although I’d prefer nostalgic…

The are myself at two, sister Michele at three years. In the second, we add Aunt Terry at fifteen, and Grandma Agnes at what we define as ageless, and by herself a lady…

Michele and I were dressed appropriately nice for our first trip into the City (Manhattan) with Grandpa and the aforementioned ladies, in our new outfits. Being two, I do not remember the visit - the but many tall buildings surely left an impression. The look of the day is so well shown on the ladies – although, sitting down in those smart and slender wool outfits may have proven a challenge…
also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Kids will play

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is back this week, and often I return to archives for shadowy memories in black-and-white. In this photo posted before, this is a view of suburban East Hartford in my youth in 1964. I straddle my Columbia bicycle on the drive.

The players are jumping rope and other activities we rarely see neighborhood children partake in anymore. The vehicles beyond the rope are a French SIMCA Aronde, the family VW Microbus, a tricycle and the neighbor's Rambler. Shadows abound this neighborhood playground on this sunny winter day. Thanks to SSS2 for prompting these memories...

Also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Friday, February 17, 2012

29 Days-17-Family, 1970s style

Tina's 29 Days is a great meme, we certainly can provide the memories of today or quite awhile ago. I am choosing the past today, in early 1976 (only a scant 36 years ago :)

The family includes me and five of my six siblings. The place is our home in East Hartford Connecticut. Three were in college, two in high school and one in middle school...the car is an AMC Matador (few remember these). Siblings and snow pair well!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

29 Days - Assembly not required...

Old vs New
Pencil edit
In the old days, things were more mechanical more often, the items like wrenches and solder were used more often. Today, much of our labor is electronic, much like an Apple MacBook. To me, the contrast between then and now might appear to be a bit stark. The compilation of metal and Mac sits together, uncommon and useful in their own ways...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tina's WW - Sumptious Salad

Even in February, the summer tomato harvest is the basis of a fine salad. So we are still reminded us of the warmer days...see Tina's WW


Pic Story - Shadows inside (and out)

Tina's Pic Story returns, the simple instructions as follows: Tina provides the weekly theme, we provide the photo to explain. This week we are looking for shadows.

The photographer waits in his vans for family members to return. With the Canon point-and-shoot in hand, the scene is assessed while looking for a subject. As none jumped at me, I chose myself,  shadows appearing inside and out. Hopefully I explained it well...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ruby Tuesday - The opposite of white

Ruby Tuesday 2 reappears in this generally warm New England winter. Is the weather this year typical? Au contraire!

It is not at all like last year. We see here 12 January 2011, and in the new snow blankets everything except the two small rubies: a neighbor's house and the stop sign on the corner. What a difference...See many more reds at RT2!

Also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Portal in Red

Toby hosts the fun weekly meme, Whimsical Windows / Delirious Doors. In this, we look for windows, doors, and other architectural gems. I am in hometown of Ansonia CT. This is Christ (Episcopal) Church. This stone edifice is the third building of the congregation, and was of opened in 1896. What stands out is the door, painted in red as per the Episcopalian custom in the northeast US. The stonework is beautiful, the windows also a classic 19th century style found in all these old industrial towns - it still works well through the decades and centuries...
Also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Sandy Shadow

A mighty fortress on Craigville Beach? Photo by Patti
Shadow Shot Sunday 2 arrives again, and although it has been a warm(ish) winter this year, it is still the season it is. Naturally, we have desires to warm things up a bit so how about a trek to the beach, This view promotes sand, surf, saltwater, seaweed, sun and...a shadow! This fortress looks as if it may disappear after the next high tide. In which case, intrepid sand architect and builder can begin anew...to see shadowy specimens showcased, see SSS2!
Also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days

Friday, February 10, 2012

29 Days - Candlelight Dinner?

Who does not enjoy candlelight at dinner?
Ambience and elegance are a nice touch. But for a cat?

Well, Linus shows that he has some manners - look how politely he sits pretty at his place at the table...