Tuesday, January 31, 2012

29 Days-1-Grilling

A new meme asks that a daily posts be posted by us. A challenge that might become irresistible to the photographer/writer in all of us. Hosted by Pic Story host Tina, this meme is designed around the every fourth leap year, so is titled simply as 29 Days. As she explains it:

Our February project, 29 days - 1 picture a day to get many beautiful blogs and lovely bloggers to know

Leap year is a rare event, so I am happy to participate! Today is a picture from a few summers ago. A simple pleasure is a charcoal goal with the fire around the hardwood a glowing orange, the perfect heat to grill. Here is is pork tenderloin slices, marinated in lime juice, garlic, peppercorns, olive oil and crushed red pepper. The Portuguese bread was coated with oil and grilled. Add a salad and glasses of wine - and under the summer sun, it was/is a treat...

Tina's WW - Student

Allegra spans an era: From her first day of school in Kindergarten (1993) to her graduation from the University of Hartford (2010). From start to finish, with her Masters to follow. Always eager to learn! See Tina's WW!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - Snowy evening mood

The fun meme Pic Story, hosted by Tina, is back for this week. In this, we take the pictures and she provides the weekly theme, which this week is evening mood.

As it is the winter season, we may look outside the door to our front and see the falling snow. Since it has not snowed much this warm winter, I have provided a capture from late 2010, on 26 December. The snow fall looks light, but did manage to accumulate 15 in/38 cm that evening…the streetlight is illuminating the tree, the front door light makes the snow flakes look like orbs.

It was warmer taking that evening mood from behind glass in the heated house!

Ruby Tuesday 2 - Curving

Ruby Tuesday 2 reappears, and we comply with the one simple rule: red, any shade and either a lot or a little!

The burgundy staircase sits in our church in Derby. The 1821 building offers those brave enough to access the balcony and bell tower will find a narrow, steep and curvy climb up. The lack of safety will be obvious to to careful climbers and potentially dangerous to the careless. I am unable to make the climb, so I'll leave the ascent to others...See ruby from all over at this fun meme, hosted by Gemma and MMT - thanks!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whimsical Windows - New England Congregational

Whimsical Windows / Delirious Doors returns again courtesy of Toby. We look for architectural gems in portals and other places.

Today, the subject is our church, the First Congregational Church in Derby Connecticut. This structure was built in the 1820s. The pillars are a Greco-Roman style, the windows have the period twelve- over-twelve pane look, the clock sits on the steeple with a weathervane on top and the color is white.

What seems constant is that this structure is not all that unique in New England - on every town green, the church/meetinghouse was and is still
prevalent in all six states.

Naturally,there have been updates from those tymes: Central heating instead of a stove,modern double-paned insulated windows and central air-conditioning are all installed. There is interesting architecture nearby to all our domiciles. We merely have to capture it!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Sculpted and Shadowy Chrome

ShadowShot Sunday arrives courtesy of our three hosts, allowing us to present the artistry of shadows, when and wherever they may present themselves.

Obviously, I prefer warm weather to cold and like cars as much as I like shadows. As a winter cold front is passing through, the look at past and nicer seasons warms things up. My affection for old iron shows up in these two scenes, and the shadowy world playfully intrudes into both.

First is this curvaceous 1958 Chevrolet Impala. Its sculpted flanks throws arcs and angles about, causing contorted shadows and reflections that fall over the chrome gazelle. Shadows of a tree and the reflected lawn show up - both of subtly seen...

View two is from a 1953 Hudson Hornet. The stylish interior has its share of 1950s flair - the dashboard showcases that material that reflects its era - chrome. The dazzling brightwork is retro cool.

The shadows add a nice contrast, falling over the two-tone green upholstery and steel. Compared to modern vehicles, the safety and driving dynamics are not very good. But for artistry in steel, the new does not compare. See shadowy style at this always fun meme!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tina's WW - A winter's soup

For Tina's WW, a winter soup made of fish, chouri├žo and tomatoes, served with a sauvignon blanc as part of a candlelight dinner on a cold night. Romantic and tasty we think...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - A walk in the park

The great meme, Tina's Pic Story, is back. The idea is as it has been-we provide the pictures, she provides the weekly theme, which this week is a walk in the park.

I go back to Cape Cod in 2004. This is a small park in Hyannis that hosts a memorial presented by the country of Korea as a memorial for the Americans who assisted them in their war for independence. I roll up the walk on the left – daughter Allegra in red is walking alongside, as we are on our way to inspect the monument.

This is a quiet place with beautiful flowers planted amidst the green lawn. It may be a bit somber for a park, but quietly moving around nature is relaxing...See Tina's meme for more walking in more parks!

Ruby Tuesday 2 - Pets, purring and planted

Ruby Tuesday 2, is back this week with multiple hosts, and as always, a lot or a little red is all that's needed. I am happy to comply!

This ruby scene is comfortable however the home, sofa and the cats are not ours. That said, ruby in solid or plaid is perfect for the week. The content cats are an added bonus!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Ansonia Assumptions

Toby most graciously hosts the fun architectural meme Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors. In this, we search for the detailed building gems: windows, doors and other interesting items.

This week, we are in our Connecticut town of Ansonia. We are about nine miles west of New Haven, and about 85 miles northeast of New York City. On the Naugatuck River, many industrial companies located here. And so, many immigrants from Europe arrived for work in the 1800s. And they worshiped with their contemporaries. In Ansonia, Catholic Churches included Italian (Holy Rosary), Polish (St Joseph), and Irish, today's subject, Assumption. 

(Of course, the one true God cares not where we worship, but that we would...)

This parish started around 1864, and this structure was completed in 1907. It seems to evoke olde Europe, the stone and masonry impressive and soaring. Windows are arranged in gothic arches and a turret or two. The doors deviate from the colder gray hue to a brilliant blue, perhaps like the sky. The past can be most impressive - see more gems at Toby's meme!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Directional

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 arrives due the artistry of three, Magical Mystery Teacher, Gemma and Rose. I am happy to participate in the shadowy world…

This week’s subject is our family feline friend, Linus McDonald. His instincts include looking out the dining room window – for whatever he wants to discover, That could include other cats, rodents, dogs or people walking by. Perhaps he looks for trouble but cannot act on it, as he is held back by double paned glass…
So, that is why on Friday morning, he is intent on his look, in any direction. Which is why he seems to be scanning the globe, The first four of these views (north, south, east and west) were snapped by myself in a five-minute span over breakfast.

Spanning the globe
As my views were taken at dining room table height, it seems that the compass needle movements are a static, not so dynamic. So, Patti captured Linus at a random point on said compass. Probably southeast or south-southeast.

Whichever direction Linus points, sun and shadow fall equally on our brave hunter. A cat has no cares about shadow artistry – however, the household alpha cats always do! See more artistry at at the always fun SSS2

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sepia Scenes - East Hartford Easter

For Mary's Sepia Scenes, the past is always the allure. Memories of past times and days, people, places and things seem to work with this monochrome - they feel like the past.

  • The year is 1968, the day Easter Sunday
  • The person an almost four-year old brother Chris
  • The place our home in East Hartford. The vehicle, a 1964 VW Beetle, with a mere 40 horsepower, old CT license plate and the label for the long gone dealer, the alliterative Ted Trudon in Talcottville
The photo is of a fuzzy and faded color print that has been scanned and rescued with sepia. The smile is genuine, the memories fun...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tina's WW - The curious cat

One of our previous felines, Rigby, has to see what is going on. So he surveys the situation from the range hood, and odd venue. But who is going to try to figure out a cat anyway...See Tina's WW!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - Last Year

Tina hosts the fun Pic Story, where we supply the pictures and she provides the weekly theme.

This week's is Last Year, that being 2011. It was full of snowy events - we live closer to Long Island Sound and with slightly more moderate (but cold) temperatures and not that much snow. Until last year, that is.

This is a view out the back door on 4 February. So many roofs were collapsing around here due to the weight of the snow, so we hired two men (for $275) to shovel the snow off our roof prior to a big ice storm. Of course, there was only one place for the snow to fall...this winter has been much quieter!

Ruby Tuesday - Running

Ruby Tuesday (2) reappears, with the only proviso that the post include a lot or a little red. An easy rule to follow, especially when a bold hue can brighten the scene immeasurably...

Today, I revert to my archives to the year 2001, the place a quiet Nauset Beach in Orleans Massachusetts, at the 'elbow' on Cape Cod. This beach is this day sitting above an unusually calm Atlantic Ocean.

The view is mostly bland with the sand in tan, the ocean in a briny blue and the sky a misty gray.

The color arrives courtesy of then 10 year old Cameron, trotting toward the photographer - clad in RED! The stark ruby contrast to the bland is readily apparent in the shirt. And a happy kid on vacation at the beach as way far from bland! Thanks for hosting RT, MMT!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Three Saints

Toby hosts the fun (and maybe educational) meme, Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors. As the name suggests, we look for windows, doors and other architectural details. We live in Ansonia CT, an old industrial town once full of immigrants and their churches from times past. 

This is the Three Saints Orthodox church on Howard Avenue. Why it came into being starts with the sad reason as noted in this website:

“Three Saints beginnings could be traced to the end of the last century with immigrants fleeing the Slavic nations (Northern Europe to Southern and Central Europe) to escape religious, cultural, and political persecution that was overbearing in their countries”. Sadly, exclusion is so often the way of the world… Happily, the Orthodox faithful were able to safely arrive in Ansonia…

The parish has been here since 1895. The original building was opened in 1904, however destroyed by fire in 1954. However, the congregation was able to rebuild, and today’s house of worship was opened in 1955. It seems that it has the style that says modern but with the elements of the old world such as the numerous Russian onion domes above…see more interesting details at this fine meme!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Elevating

For Shadow Shot Sunday (2) I am moving in different directions - up and down.

I started to use a wheelchair in November 1995, and it was not by choice...yet, it was not like life had ended, but became different.

In my walking days, I hadn't considered that one could actually drive - however, it can be. My three vehicles and their lifts are being showcased - as they also are full of shadows...Above was my first, taken on its second day at home, 21 April 1996. It was a used 1989 Dodge B250.
It was as hulking as it looks, and being used to driving a small Nissan Sentra (Sunny), I had to adjust, both to its size and the greater amount of petrol it needed.

The driver's seat is what the wheelchair transfers into,  and turns it 90° to drive normally, whatever that is :)
I was obtained my next vehicle on 26 May 1998, a new full-sized Ford E-150 van, also with a lift and actually a bit bigger than the last one. The shadows are now from the inside looking out. 

This picture was taken almost twelve years and 158,000 miles (254,000 km) later - just before I received my current ride...

A 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. This one is different than the last two, a minivan with floor modifications, a ramp entrance and shadows as well! From 10 March 2010, I have been enjoying this transportation device.

Smaller than its predecessors, although big enough at 4200 pounds (1906 kg), it rides more like a car and is quieter inside. Obviously, I would prefer to walk and not drive one of these - I would drive a small car and manual transmission if it were possible. However, acceptance is needed to move ahead, and since I am able to drive, it is the blessing we must accept with grace and not complaint...

Last week, I alluded to a YouTube video of the vacation slideshow. I actually made a 13  minute DVD with five classic Motown songs (Ain't that Peculiar, Get Ready, I Was Made to Love Her, I Can't Help Myself and Heatwave). However, YouTube is very conscious of copyrights and wouldn't allow its use. So, I found the old tunes - big band music and old black-white pictures go together well (there are duplicate pictures on both, but am still learning...)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - White as...

Tina again hosts her fun meme Pic Story. In this we provide the picture, and Tina provides the theme, which this week is White.

I think of the old Disney movie Snow White, so my themed white is snow. Happily, not this year! It was last winter, and we had so many snow events, there was almost nowhere to put it. This is a wheelchair height view on our driveway. Perhaps the Alps, maybe the Himalayas. It is not, although it looks similar. This winter is much warmer than last and with much less snow, which I am fine with...

Whimsical Windows - Derby Methodist

Toby most graciously hosts the fun and educational meme Whimsical Windows-Delirious Doors, now on Mondays! We look for architectural genius in windows, doors and other places. Today it is another local landmark, the Derby Methodist Church. The building is one of many churches that flank this small (13,000) town green.

The old saying about things not made like ths anymore is not an understatement. The red brick that looks fiery before the summer sunset is one, the large Tiffany windows are another. The fabulous design of windows and doors are all about – we merely need to capture them…

Ruby Tuesday 2 - Parking place

Ruby Tuesday (2) arrives, and this week I am ready with a vision in neon.

The place is the parking garage in the heart of Derby Connecticut. We were at an artists event at the Gallery@37 Elizabeth Street. At these food and wine events, a few sub-parties form around the venue, at this one we are on the street (on a warm-for-January evening). I saw this and thought RT, and asked Allegra to capture the sign with her new I-Phone. Which she did! Follow the ruby reds at this fun meme!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday - Low Tide

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives on a warm winter's day, about 58°F (14.5° C), not at all typical.

Today, I offer an old black-and-white print, a vacation day from many decades ago, the (then) five children along with Aunt Terry, at low tide at the, the New Jersey shore at Brigantine. Shadows are falling about the watery sand that sits below the classic Sea Gull Cottages. I am to the left...

I have spent this past December working with about 100 scanned prints, making slideshows and learning the many nuances of I-Photo, I-DVD and YouTube. That project is now complete, this old view part of that...Follow the shadows at this always fun meme!