Monday, March 2, 2015

Whimsical Windows - Bygone Boardwalk

Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors has been and is still a fun architectural meme that allows us to admire portals and such of interesting places. Toby has been hosting this meme for many a year, and is handing it over to me to host, and I look forward to looking at as many examples of unique and/or interesting windows, doors and more from all over.

Those who have followed my posts probably have noticed that I look at photos, many of them old and with a unique backstory to go along with the pics - where windows and doors are present but occasionally backdrops to a tale. As for what counts for an entry from any participant - that's up to you!

Here is the famous Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NY. The time was July 1978 and the very first casino in that city, Resorts, was opened in an old hotel prior to the now many glizty glass and steel high rises of today. The people in these scenes are Grandma and Grandpa Villers. Always fond of the NJ shore and Atlantic City, this was probably the last time they were there, both passing away less than three years later. So we see not only windows and doors - but and a pair who were happily posing again in their favorite vacation spot one last time...


toby said...

Oh, that's a great trip down memory lane, what a wonderful boardwalk! Your grandparents were very lucky to live life so well, they look so happy and active!

Thank you again so much for taking over the meme, I'm confident that it's in good hands, and look forward to playing along when I can!

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