Monday, March 25, 2013

Tina's Pic Story - March Flowers

Tina's fun meme Pic Story returns and we follow the simple process: we post photos that follow the weekly theme kindly supplied by her, which this week is March Flowers. My choice for today involves daffodils. The lovely Patti picked these last year from our yard and placed them in a stylish pitcher - this view is now framed and and has been placed in a home show sponsored by a local arts organization gallery...hopefully a paying customer has space on a wall to display this! The yellow color represents Spring and sunshine and warmth that we hope will arrive soon!


Tina´s PicStory said...

they are lovely and also bringing some sunshine with :) thanx!

Al said...

A lovely flower and photo. Nothing's blooming yet where I live, where it was 1 degree last night, but fortunately I was out of town and did find some flowers.

Annemor said...

Lovely picture.
I would think somebody will buy it.
The spring is a bit behind this year, I think.
Here it's still freezing cold.
Best whisher.

Shutter Happy Jenn said...

How I wish I can see and touch a daffodil for real. It's just so pretty.

moni said...

Hello Ralph,
lovely flowers, so sunny, so fresh! Daffodils are the spring flowers No.1!!! Wish you a nice day,