Sunday, February 26, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Linear Lunacy

Toby hosts her fun meme, Whimsical Windows- Delirious Doors. The premise is quite simple: we post windows, doors and other interesting architectural art.

Today, we are looking at the Long Wharf Maritime Center on the New Haven CT harbor. The 15-story building, opened in 1985, follows the modern norm of steel and glass construction. It does offer a few neat styling diversions - as the building gas many corners, the series of windows to the right do not line up with their respective floors, they seem to rise and fall at random.

As does the blue scaffolding...
The zany linear reflections are seen on the north face. The reflections conspire with the corners to add more complexity to the scene - it almost seems that one window does not end at the other window - it also enters into it. 

With more scaffolding to further confuse the viewer...See more portal artistry at Toby's meme!

Also posted as part of Tina's 29 Days


Lesley said...

Oh, I like these kind of puzzles!

Linnea said...

It's striped! I think that's typical of a lot of office buildings built in the mid 80s! Nice shots!

toby said...

Really interesting find, Ralph! It's such an optical illusion - I think I'd be better off looking at this while walking rather than driving - I'm sure I wouldn't be able to look away :)

Willow said...

I like the layers and how the windows reflect the sky and clouds. Well done!