Sunday, April 8, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Turn of the Century

Toby most graciously hosts the architectural meme Whimsical Windows / Delirious Doors. We capture portals and panes of note in our travels. Which today is the Derby (CT) Public Library, opened in 1902 with renovations completed in 2000. To the left is the original front door. I think hat the windows that flank the door are restored with with the original glazing as well as the transom above.

To the right is the accessible door at the end of the new wheelchair ramp added - thus, I am able to enter. No style in the modern door. However, it has  means that I can enter the library. The door is modern and nondescript - now with a pushbutton to easily open it :)

The original windows were restored beautifully, and this wall of windows that lets the natural daylight filter onto the patrons - just as in 1902. 

The original entrance with steps sits as in the old days to welcome all seekers of knowledge. The house in the back is probably as old as the library itself, the neighborhood style not much changed at the corner of Elizabeth and Caroline Streets. Follow more portals and panes at this fun meme!


toby said...

Oh, the detail in the pearly white transom (thanks for teaching me a new word!) and those sweet little round windows is lovely, especially set against that stonework! It's a shame that they weren't able to make the main door wheelchair accessible as well, though :(
Thanks as always for finding a great subject, and capturing it so nicely! Have a wonderful week!

Lesley said...

of course,I had to count... that is 51 little panes of glass in each sidelight!!
Yes, I am sure they could have done something more interesting with the newer door without breaking the budget.