Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whimsical Windows - Post Industrial

Toby's hosts the informative Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors in which we look for architectural portals and other details. Today I am in our domicile of Ansonia Connecticut, and down the steep hill (9° slope) to nearer the river and just past the commuter train track to the old Farrel Company. The buildings date back to the 1800s and despite the shabby presence yet are still impressive, Built at a time where solid construction led to a permanence we still see. We can almost imagine the large number of workers passing by during a shift change...local history is always fascinating


Willow said...

Lovely old buildings. In Los Angeles, they would undoubtedly be converted to trendy lofts and condos or left in this state to be rented out as movie shooting locations.

I love buildings with history and personality. I'd buy one of the lofts :)

toby said...

You're right - those are indeed fascinating and impressive! I wonder what they did in that second one that turned everything green :)

Mariane said...

WOW for buildings - these pictures are amazing, Ralph - wow :) btw - one of the could be in our photo challenge called "RUST" ;) ( ) if you like to participate in more challenges? Have a great day and thank you for visiting my site (of yellow )

bj said...

My daddy worked at a place called HOLLAND'S PRINTING in Dallas in the early to late 40's. The building you are showing reminds me of that building so much.

I fell behind in my visiting for awhile (grandkids taking up my time...which is ok by me...) so hence all the comments you are getting from me. :)
Had to be sure to get caught up on one of my favorite blogs. :))