Sunday, September 8, 2013

Whimsical Windows - Pigeon roost

Toby is the host of the always fun Whimsical Windows/Delirious Doors in which we look for and at interesting architectural gems. And I am back late owing to a sporadic internet signal which has turned progressively worse - Comcast will be here Tuesday hopefully fix it. Happily, right now the signal is okay. I'd hate to miss another week :)

My subject this week is from 1955 in , the the not-so-mythical steel-making city of Steubenville Ohio. This is a car-park apparatus referred to as Pigeon Hole Parking where a lift device moves horizontally and vertically to place your car in a discreet spot and could be easily retrieved when your shopping or errands were complete. 

I believe this to be downtown on Fifth Street, south of Market Street. In the background is a steel mill alongside the Ohio River. I believe it belonged to Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel, and now closed. When I was in college in the city on the 1970s, a lifetime for some, this mill was a very busy place then as in 1955. I located this picture earlier this year and like its industrial style...


toby said...

We missed you Ralph, welcome back! I hope that your internet has a speedy recovery :)
This is an amazing concept, and I'm so impressed that it's from 1955! Maybe parking garages nowadays should think about implementing it :)
Thanks for sharing this one with us!

photodoug said...

1955 - The year that he Brooklyn Dodgers finally win the World Series. The Dodgers defeated the New York Yankees 2–0 in Game 7.

Leora said...

I suppose the idea did not last. But those old-fashioned cars are quite classy.