Sunday, September 22, 2013

Whimsical Windows - Bearly Seen

The Bear on the NY  Hutichinson River Parkway south
Henry, I-95 south, Pennsylvania/Delaware line
US 1 North from Maryland
In the shadows, viewing the magnificent George Washington Bridge

Toby hosts the fun meme Whimsical 
 Windows/Delirious Doors, and while architecture is the suual thrust, is it possible that a windshield/windscreen is also a window? I hope so as my entry includes such a view from my Ford E150 van on a family vacation in 2000. The whimsy includes a stuffed bear who was along for the ride - he sat the entire trip on the passenger side, his nubby tan 'fur' aglow. Henry is his name - and the bear never complained about my driving skills, thus making him the perfect passenger! Henry now occupies a cup holder near the back seat of my Dodge Grand Caravan - and still never complains about my driving!


toby said...

Yes, windshields certainly qualify as windows! Looks like you had a really nice trip, I'm sure Henry enjoyed every minute :)

photodoug said...

Wonder if Etta James may have had Henry in mind when she was looking for a partner.