Monday, June 17, 2013

Tina's Pic Story - Favorite

Tina hosts the fun meme Pic Story, where she provides the weekly theme which this week is your favorite picstory. This picture, posted before - you should carry your camera at all times lest you lose a fun memory.

It is August 1983 at the zoo in Omaha Nebraska, the temperature a stifling 102°F (39°C). However, the furry polar bear was lying on his back, taking it easy in the heat. I still like this bear! Congrats on 100 PicStory posts


moni said...

Hello Ralph,
what a stunning shot! It's so amazing to see this powerful animal so relaxed, so lazy. :-)
Wish you a nice day

Thanks for visit my blog

BunTine said...

Hello Ralph !
Great Pose...what is he thinking about...."Oh dear, I've forgotten the suncream";-)

Tina´s PicStory said...

that´s also one of my favorites :) thanx for sharing again!

Annemor said...

Just wonderful. One might think the heat should be too much, but this one seems to enjoy sunbathing.
Have a nice evening.

Anonymous said...

ach der arme Eisbä warm und keine Eisschollen,nur Beton...

LG zum Abend vom katerchen