Monday, January 30, 2012

Tina's Pic Story - Snowy evening mood

The fun meme Pic Story, hosted by Tina, is back for this week. In this, we take the pictures and she provides the weekly theme, which this week is evening mood.

As it is the winter season, we may look outside the door to our front and see the falling snow. Since it has not snowed much this warm winter, I have provided a capture from late 2010, on 26 December. The snow fall looks light, but did manage to accumulate 15 in/38 cm that evening…the streetlight is illuminating the tree, the front door light makes the snow flakes look like orbs.

It was warmer taking that evening mood from behind glass in the heated house!


Al said...

I love snow, and I hope we get a nice storm like that soon. Nice shots!

Mona Sweden said...

The snowflakes in the second image are fantastic. They really do look something from outer space. Nice shots.

Carletta said...

Ralph, I love both of these!
Wonderful shadows in the first and falling snow. I can tell that second shot was way before your big snowfall. I can see your deck rails. :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Great shots Ralph, I especially like the mood of the first one. We have haven't had much snow this winter either.


That one of the snowy landscape makes me want to sit by the window, with a book in hand, by a warm fire and.........relax.

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Tina´s PicStory said...

what a wonderful mood! thanks for joining us with this great pics :)